Slack is the ultimate tool for instant communication within the band program! Have a question that needs a quick answer? Go to Slack and ask in the #all-members channel and someone will likely hop on and answer your question before one of the directors gets to it! For students, it’s a great place to get information about rehearsal times, what to bring, what we’re working on, and more! For parents, it’s a great way to learn more about what your students are doing in band and also get all the important information you need and want to know to be prepared!

1. Click this link!
2. Then enter your email address
3. Then go to your email inbox and click the verification link
4. Enter your full name, display name, and choose your password
5. You’re all set to use slack on ANY internet browser!

To make Slack more useful, download the app on your computer, tablet, and/or smartphone!
6. Slack is available on your Apple or Android smartphone/tablet, or on your Mac or PC

Once you’ve logged in, click the Slack icon in the upper left corner of your smartphone screen followed by the “+” to add any of the channels listed on the image to the right (or below on your smartphone).

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