The Plainfield Central High School Band Boosters are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission of supporting the band programs at Plainfield Central High School, Indian Trail Middle School, and Timber Ridge Middle School. There are a variety of projects going on at any given moment, and your support is always welcome. Below is a list of some of our current projects along with the funding needed to meet that projects need and our current progress. If you’d like to donate to that project, please just click the button and make your donation via Square processing!

New Vibraphone

Adams VCGF30 Gold Bar Vibraphone on Endurance Field Frame

Cost: $4,925.00

Funds Raised To Date: $2,562

Current Fundraising: Percussion students selling candy bars

New Mellophones

10 Yamaha YMP-204M Mellophones in Silver

Cost: $1,500 each (purchased after a season of use from
Colts Drum & Bugle Corps.), $15,000.00 total

Funds Raised To Date: $2,717.00

Current Fundraising: Cheesecake Sale, Butter Braid Sale

MFA Summer Symposium

We would love to send our section leaders and drum majors to one of the nation’s best summer marching band camps!

Cost: $650/student

Goal: 15 students, approximately $10,000.00

Funds Raised To Date: $0

Current Fundraising: Donations

Band Booster General Fund

Your support is always needed in so many different ways! The PCHS Band Boosters help purchase new instrument, help keep the band’s current inventory functioning, and are always taking on new tasks to help the band and the directors achieve their goals. By donating here, we’ll use your donation in whatever way is most needed at the time.

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