Private Instructors

As of September 9, 2022, the following individuals have been approved by Plainfield School District 202 for Private Music Instruction. These teachers have passed background checks with the school district and are recommended for private instruction. Private instruction typically occurs weekly for 30 minutes (or more) and rates vary from teacher to teacher but tend to be $20-30 per 30 minute lesson.

Private Instruction is recommended for all students learning to play an instrument. This is different than tutoring in an academic subject, which is typically reserved for students who are struggling to succeed in a particular subject area. Prior to the implementation of school music programs, private instruction was the only method for learning an instrument. School music programs are similar to a group lesson in that everyone grows together and learns together in a social setting, but generally lacks in individual instruction on the instrument. Private lessons are a great time for individual growth. Whether your goals are just to get more enjoyment out of playing, majoring in music in college, or making the All-State Band, private music instruction is for great for every musician. Please consider contacting one of the teachers below to set up lessons today!

Max Bonecutter (815) 592-1545    
trombone, baritone, euphonium, tuba

Judy Bridges (630) 269-5299
All Brass Instruments

Cindy Butler (815) 436-7839    
Flute, Piccolo

Fred Cantu, III (773) 988-0353
Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Baritone

Omar Elmusa (815) 483-4604    
Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium, Tuba

Laura Foster (630) 226-5562    
Clarinet, Saxophone

Jennifer Gosack- Darwell (815) 715-1976    

Adam Hawthorne (217) 840-3325    

Dr. Cate Hummel (630) 841-8414    

Paul Kairis (815) 730-4858    

Justin Leggero (815) 592-7659    

Spevak Vern (630) 220-2311    

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