Music Classes

AP Music Theory
Open To: Grades 10-12
Term: Full Year, 1.0 Credit
Students must purchase a workbook for this course.

This course is a continuation of Music Theory 1 and will give students a better understanding of composition, arranging, and harmonic analysis. This course is suggested for students who have a serious interest in music or are interested in pursuing music beyond high school. The ultimate goal of an AP Music Theory course is to develop a student’s ability to recognize, understand, and describe the materials and processes of music that are heard or presented in a score. The student’s ability to read and write musical notation is fundamental to this course. It is also assumed that the student has acquired at least basic performance skills in voice or an instrument. Students perform college level work and are expected to take the Advanced Placement exam. This course carries a weighted grade. 

Music Production
Open To: Grades 9-12
Term: One Semester, 0.5 Credit (fall or spring)

Students utilize Ableton Live 10 Suite to learn to produce their own music. Students explore song-writing, music theory, form, foley sound, mixing, audio effects, MIDI effects, remixing, and career paths available through the music industry. Students use provided Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in addition to MIDI keyboards and grid controllers as input devices to create music through step-by-step guided activities to compose for drums, bass, chords, and melody while also learning to create music for video.

Music Theory
Open To: Grades 9-12
Term: One Semester, 0.5 Credit (fall or spring)

Students learn the basics of reading and writing music. This course is suitable for students with any background and gives all students a better understanding of music. The course also helps prepare musicians who are interested in college music major.

Exploration of American Music (JJC MUS 102)
Open To: Grades 11-12
Term: One Semester, 0.5 Credit (fall or spring)
Fees: $50 JJC Fee & Purchase of College Textbook

A survey course dealing with important people and trends in the evolution and development of American musical culture from colonial times to the present. This course carries a weighted grade. Course offering dependent upon teacher availability and JJC approval.

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